Is good to use a car radio or a handheld radio ?

The new HAM often has the problem of selecting a radio station. I don’t know if it is good to use a car radio or a handheld radio. In fact, the best configuration is a handheld radio plus a car radio. As for their differences, I will briefly introduce them below.

Comparison between car radio and handheld radio


Car radio: The power is large, the antenna is external and the gain is high, and the signal transmission distance is far.

Handheld radio: low power, short antenna, and close signal transmission distance, but basically does not affect reception.

Installation location:

Car radio: need to be fixed in the car, consider the installation method and power wiring.

Handheld radio: no need to be fixed, free to place.

Is it possible to connect an external antenna:

Car radio: Yes

Handheld radio: can

Use at home:

Car radio: need to be removed from the car to move home, but also to buy a special external power supply.

Handheld radio: Take it home with you, or use a DC power source that meets your equipment requirements at home.

Used in the office of the unit:

Car radio: You need to carry the battery (or power) and remove the radio to carry it into the office, or put a power supply in the office, of course, you need an antenna.

Handheld radio: Take it with you, you can also use an external power supply.


Car radio: Find a backpack with a shoulder strap carrying a battery to connect to the radio. You also need to insert an antenna in your pocket.

Handheld radio: carry it with you

Team travel:

Car radio: The transmission power is large, everyone can hear it clearly, so it is arranged to make a head car to explore the road, or tail car pressure.

Handheld radio: Listen to traffic information in the middle and drive smoothly. Within a few kilometers, you can contact. If you are too far behind, you can also learn about the movements of the big forces by receiving signals.


Car radio: If you have good physical strength, you can consider carrying a battery and a radio station up the mountain. Otherwise, it can only be placed in the parking lot under the mountain. In the mountains, the possibility of getting lost by radio stations has increased.

Handheld radio: Carry it with you, replace the high-power battery with a longer distance and no loss.

Relay communication:

Car radio: unimpeded, so that others can listen to your signal far away. You can also make more friends.

Handheld radio: Listen, but sometimes you can’t turn on the relay, and the replacement of the cigarette lighter power supply and the proper antenna can be improved.

The vehicle caught fire, fell into the water, and was robbed:

Car radio: It is definitely too late to take it down.

Handheld radio: After escaping, use the radio to call for help.

Travel alone, anchor on the road:

Car radio: The scope of the call for help is large. But there is a telephone signal on the side of the road. If it is in the mountains, it will be used. However, if you have to take a ride to find a rescue, you can’t carry a radio with you.

Handheld radio: The scope of the call for help is small.


Car radio: If you want to use it at home or in the office, you need to buy power (~220V–13.8V output). Usually cheaper models also require the purchase of a programmer and a computer connection.

Handheld radio: When you use it at home, you don’t need an external power supply, but you need to buy a high-power battery or an external power supply if you want to achieve high-power output. Of course, when using the car, you only need to use the cigarette lighter power cord (naturally high power). It seems that the microphone also needs to be purchased separately, and the shoulder cover needs to be purchased separately.

In general, the communication effect of the car radio is good, and the portable radio is convenient to carry. Finally, it is reminded that whether it is a car radio or a handheld radio, it should be used. The operation certificate, station license, and call sign can not be less. Standardize communication and treat people friendly.

In addition, regarding the problem of the external radio power supply of the handheld radio, the handheld is hand-held, it can not be used as a car radio, the small radio chip of the handheld radio and the simple circuit design, not suitable for the high-load external power supply mode, occasional emergency use The external power supply of the cigarette lighter is still okay. After a long time, the handheld radio will burn or be damaged quickly.

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