Jingtong JT-5988 12W Outdoor 50KM 4800mAh Battery Professional FM Transceiver

1. Proficient digital handheld intercom designed and manufactured through breakthrough technical standards

Jingtong JT-5988 professional FM radio, proficient in smart technology classics. According to the principle of artificial design, JT-5988 has a sophisticated and stylish appearance, comfortable hand-held; humanized VOX voice control function, completely liberating the hands of the bond, communication is more free; more large-capacity lithium battery, standby time up to 200 hours; It is suitable for business users such as small and medium-sized hotel services, catering management, supermarket shopping malls, entertainment venues, etc., with high quality professional standards, providing super cost-effective communication service guarantee.

2. Energy-saving chip CHIP processing technology makes proficient in the industry better

Jingtong JT-5988, using special energy-saving chips and well-known modems and vocoders, with power tube LIP technology, the walkie-talkie has better sound quality, longer call distance, lower power consumption and stronger communication confidentiality. The chipset controls the coordination of the various components of the whole machine, bringing a convenient and efficient intercom communication experience.

3. Adhering to the mastery of intercom technology design concept, inheritance and integration of modern technology

Jingtong JT-5988, the appearance of the fuselage is restrained and stable, and the temperament is noble. The simple stepped trumpet cover is equipped with a fully upgraded PVC body shell, and the aluminum alloy die-casting not only has good heat dissipation effect, but also has special interference shielding, which effectively reduces the overall work. Consumption, is conducive to long-term operation communication, farther distance, lower power consumption, better sound quality. More high-quality contact-type headphone interface, closed port protection, granular PTT button module function combination and other thoughtful details , has been favored by many industry users.

4. Nine-level squelch is rich in innovation and technology, enriching the communication experience.

Jingtong JT-5988, creative stepped trumpet cover with metal mesh lining, combined with acoustic cavity structure design, stylish and eye-catching, comprehensively improve voice quality. Built-in acoustic cavity principle design speaker, overall sound quality resonant frequency is reasonable, high sensitivity, low distortion, let The speaker sound is clearer and has high-fidelity sound quality, making the call clear in a noisy environment.

5. High-strength floor penetration to ensure longer distance

Jingtong JT-5988 professional FM radio, 7W powerful output power, to ensure farther talk distance and wider signal penetration, comprehensively improve communication quality and efficiency, and strongly expand the user’s wireless communication experience, the fiery phantom contains powerful professional communication functions. Whether it’s a hiking outing or a self-hiking trip, it’s a great communication device for you to enjoy your quality life!

6. Large battery capacity for long life, to meet the daily work communication needs of each user

Jingtong JT-5988 uses advanced material protection body with 4800mAh large capacity polymer lithium battery, and the communication life is guaranteed. The application of high-quality battery cells, with intelligent protection board, still maintains 80% battery capacity after up to 500 cycles of charging, long service life and guaranteed communication time. 4800mAh large capacity polymer lithium battery.

7. Extend the life of the fuselage from the performance of anti-fall / dust / water filtration

    Anti-fall and anti-drop | strength waterproof | dustproof function

At the beginning of the design, Jingtong JT-5988 takes into account the high expectations of the life expectancy of the user group. It adopts an ergonomic compact body and uses ABS+PC’s high-strength protective material. It is strong and slightly elastic, and can support the anti-fall. Waterproof, anti-shock, anti-shock and anti-fall height of 1.5 meters, can meet the professional communication use in various environments, is a high-priced professional walkie-talkie.

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