What is the farthest effective distance of the walkie-talkie

As a wireless communication tool, walkie-talkies have their own characteristics compared with mobile phones. In one-to-one and one-to-many directional special communication, it has the characteristics of rapid communication establishment, especially the one-to-many characteristics that ordinary mobile phones cannot Comparable.
The communication distance of the walkie-talkie is also restricted by many factors, such as:

  1. System parameter restriction:
    The stronger the output power of the transmitter, the larger the coverage of the transmitted signal, and the longer the communication distance; the higher the receiving sensitivity of the communication machine, the longer the communication distance; the higher the antenna height, the longer the communication distance.
  2. Environmental factors:
    Environmental factors mainly include paths, density of trees, environmental electromagnetic interference, buildings, weather conditions and terrain differences. In short, in the absence of electromagnetic interference, the wider the terrain, the longer the communication distance.
  3. Other influencing factors:
    For example, whether the battery power is sufficient; whether the frequency band of the antenna is consistent with the frequency band of the machine; whether the voice processing circuit is advanced, and so on.
    Specifically, the communication distance of general civilian walkie-talkies is within 5 kilometers, and most of them are about 2-3 kilometers. Individual users can purchase civilian walkie-talkies. The communication distance of professional conventional walkie-talkies can reach 3-10 kilometers in the city. Police walkie-talkies are about 5-20 kilometers away. Military walkie-talkies are generally not less than 15 kilometers, and the height can reach 50 kilometers or more. In addition, there is also a trunked walkie-talkie, which needs to be supported by a radio network, so the communication distance is relatively long, up to 1500 kilometers.

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