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Walkie Talkie Motorola Wireless PTT Bluetooth Headset M-head

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Walkie Talkie Motorola Wireless PTT Bluetooth Headset M-head

for Motorola EP450 GP88 CP88 P080 CT250 PRO2150 P110 Two Way Radio

Walkie talkie M-head Headset Wireless Bluetooth Headset Adapter for Motorola ep450 GP88 CP88 P080 CT250 PRO2150 P110 Two Way Radio

Portable Walkie Talkie M-head Wireless Bluetooth headset two way radio M-interface headphone earpiece radio transceiver

  • The HB-6A hands-free including HB-6A Bluetooth adapter and V4.0 Bluetooth earpiece. V4.0 is a swivel earpiece which built in PTT microphone that can be placed over either ear.
  • The earpiece provides the best audio quality when paired with HB-6B connector two way radios and is comfortable and flexible enough for all-day wear. Do not hesitate to Work with it to get free of your hands in work.


Item Wireless Bluetooth Headset M-head
Color Color
Weight 100g
Material Plastic
Type Portable
Model of Bluetooth adapter HB-6A
Model of Wireless PTT key HB-6B
Bluetooth Version V4.0
Frequency Range 2.4G
Working Mode HFP1.5 A2DP AVRCP
Charger Time 1-2.5H
Talk Range <10 Meters
Work Time 10 Hours
Standby Time <180 Hours
Type of Bluetooth adapter M-head
Dimension HB-6A: 3.6*2.5*3.6cm
HB-6B: 3.3*2.5*1.5cm


  • Suitable for both ear
  • Portable and light, carry easily
  • Mini PTT key and Bluetooth adapter
  • Connect with both walkie talkie and cell phone
  • Loud and Clear voice
  • Wireless
  • M-head
  • Free elastic band for fixing the portable PTT key on anywhere ( finger、motorcycle handle、car steering wheel、etc.)
  • Simple button design, easy to operate
  • Noise reduction
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Large Capacity Battery
  • Fit with human ear, painless wear
  • USB charger

M-head Headset is fit for walkie talkie Motorola:














Ht Ep450

DTR 620

And other M-head walkie talkie.

Bluetooth Instruction:

  1. Press the top button of the Bluetooth adapter for a while to make the LED light alternately flashing red and blue.
  2. Press the Bluetooth headset switch button for a while to make the LED light alternately flashing red and blue.
  3. The LED of Bluetooth adapter and Bluetooth headset flashing blue, indicating Bluetooth matches successfully.

Package Contain:

Bluetooth Adapter HB-6A ×1

Bluetooth Earpiece V4.0 ×1

Wireless PTT button HB-6B ×1

Charger cable two in one ×1

Elastic Band ×1

The silicone ear cap ×1

Manual in EN*1

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 100 cm


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