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KVE60C Short Wave Antenna Analyzer 0.5MHz-60MHz Standing Wave Impedance Analysis RFID Detection


New HF Vector Impedance Antenna Analyzer KVE60C for walkie talkie Graphical Representation/Ham Radio DIY upgraded version MFJ


1. Frequency Range: 0.5MHz – 60MHz
2. Frequency Adjustable Step: 100Hz minimum.
3. Output Level: 3V Open loop at 14.000MHz, Peak-to-peak.
4. Frequency Scanning Width: 250K/ 500K/ 1M/ 2M/ 5M/ 10M/ 20M/ 50M
5. Frequency Scanning Step: 1KHz/ 2KHz/ 4KHz/ 8KHz/ 20KHz/ 40KHz/ 80KHz/ 200KHz (coupled with frequency scanning width, not Adjustable)
6. SWR Range: 1.00-9.99
7. Impedance Range: 0.1-999.9 Ohms
8. 50 ohms BNC connector
9. Sharp 16M-Color Screen LCD, 2-inch 240×320 QVGA. (about 4.3 x 3.2 cm)
10. Internal Power: 3.7V Polymer Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
11. Recharging Power Source: DC 5.0-5.5V >=500mA DC3.5 Connector (Positive inside/ Negative outside, Central Pin 1.3mm Positive)
12. Weight: 139g
1. Measuring Antenna SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) with graphical display in a selected frequency range.
2. Measuring Antenna Impedance ( Z = R + X )
3. Measuring Antenna Resistance R
4. Measuring Antenna Reactance X, All the above with graphical display in a selected frequency range.
5. Quick search for antenna resonance frequency
6. Very suitable for antenna measurement and adjustment.
7. Portable and small sized
8. Easy and intuitive operation
9. Robust measurement, accurate, and resistant to environmental interference.
10. Long sustaining Li-ion Rechargeable Battery for a long operation time.
11. Very suitable for outdoor antenna measurement.
12. Low cost and wide frequency coverage.
13. Clear LCD display, even under daylight
14. Additional functions: used as a HF signal generator, or a Field strength meter.20180309_171824_01920180309_171824_021
Package Contents:
1× KEV60C Vector Impedance Antenna Analyzer
1× Li-ion battery
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 100 cm


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